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The Coady Group provides a comprehensive management consulting services to the entertainment industry that ensures that the best interests of our clients are put first at all times. Services include: Domestic and international contractual negotiation, Live touring and showcase performances, talent and partner acquisition and negotiations, business management and development strategies, product and service distribution strategies, above and below the line advertising strategies, PR and Promotion, Merchandising, Creative Management, Co-Writing and Production Management.

We have worked with diverse talent including Harry Vanda, Lanie Lane, Thirsty Merc, Space Invadas (Featuring Katalyst) and global children's group Hi-5.


The Coady Group provides entertainment for major corporate clients across Australia. The Coady Group acts as talent brokers, working with all major managers and agents across Australia, New York, LA and London. We work closely with our clients to define the appropriate entertainment brief for events, launches and both internal and external promotional engagements. The Coady Group also works closely with some of the largest companies and partner agencies in Australia to create and execute branded activations that bring products and services to life.